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To Our True Warriors

A Hero is someone who has given
his or her life to something bigger
than one’s self.
 -Joseph Campbell

One of our missions as a dojo is to help create true warriors.  People strong in mind, body and spirit who apply that strength to the service of their community.  People who, when confronted with difficult work and challenging circumstances keep their chins up and their eyes forward on the good that their sacrifice bring about.

And then there are those who give themselves  completely to this higher cause, this idea of the greater good.  Warriors who put on the uniform of the armed services and in doing so offer up everything they have from their daily schedule to their very blood.

On this memorial day, our gratitude as a dojo to all our heroes.  As a community that strives to foster in its members the very highest ideals of the warrior, who have the highest appreciation for all those who give all of themselves for something bigger: the good of our greater community.   Thank you.


Posted: May 25, 2015 | In: Uncategorized

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