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The Law of Intensity

“Wherever you go,
Go with all your heart.”

For the last several weeks, Dojo instructors have been discussing Thorndike’s Laws of Learning, a collection of principles used to optimize a student’s learning experience.  This week we focused on the “Law of Intensity”, which states that the more vivid the training experience, the more completely a student will gain the desired knowledge and skills.

For us as martial arts teachers, the Law of Intensity dictates that we make our self-defense scenarios as realistic as possible without exposing our students’ to the risk of serious injury.  Furthermore, it demands that we bring every ounce of energy, excitement and intensity we have to each and every class.  And we have to demand the same from our students.

Throwing ourselves with abandon into what we do yields benefits even beyond increasing our capacity to learn.  It makes distractions go away, and chokes off stress.  It elevates our mood and increases our energy level.  It is, in short, the secret to a happy and healthy life.

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