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Thanksgiving Resolution

“We should certainly count our Blessings,
But we should also make our Blessings count.”
-Neal A. Maxwell


I know Dojo People count their blessings often.  The healthy and positive energy I encounter daily from the folks of our community can only come from a deep appreciation of the bounty our lives offers through good times and bad.

The idea of making our blessings count, though, is something which we all need to remember from time to time.  True gratitude is far from a passive thing—just feeing it does not do justice to all the things we need to be grateful for.  Rather, gratitude needs to be expressed and nurtured through action every day of our lives.

My humble suggestions, then, for how we give thanks this week and every week:

Let’s give thanks for our health by protecting it like the precious gift it is

Let’s give thanks for our loved ones by being present in every moment we share with them.  Let’s put the phones and tablets away during those special times.

Let’s give thanks for our community by strengthening it.  That means being there for the people who are a part of it, and welcoming strangers as friends.

Let’s give thanks for the opportunities big and small that life gives us every day by watching out for them, recognizing them and making use of them.

Let’s give thanks for our misfortunes and mistakes by seeing them for what they are: opportunities to learn about ourselves and make ourselves better.

On behalf of the Buhl family and the entire Dojo staff, let me please express our incredible gratitude for what each of you brings to our lives.  We will endeavor to show that thankfulness in our actions every single day.

Posted: November 23, 2015 | In: Uncategorized

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