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Excellence in Martial Arts

The staff and senseis are amazing here the dojo is very clean and welcoming. They have tremendous patience and are able to keep the focus and interest of my 6 year old daughter who’s been doing it since she was 5. My daughters discipline confidence and coordination has improved exponentially.”


So grateful for what Tokyo Joe’s has done for my son. He has come into his own with confidence , strength and coordination. I can’t thank you enough.


“I wish everyone knew the benefits of martial arts and how amazing it feels to bow onto the mat, leave your day to day behind and focus on your martial art for one hour. For one hour, you work through so many details but what you discover when you look back at the hundreds of hours of mat time, is that you have grown physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”


“This is a great place that is so much more than a dojo for my family. My two boys starting training at Tokyo Joe’s under Sensei Kendall about three years ago. My eldest son is a black belt and my younger son is on his way.The training and discipline they have received really has translated well into their everyday lives. They are more attentive in class and more confident at anything they tackle.”


“Sense Kendall and his staff are wonderful!  my boys enjoy their classes and I’ve seen big improvements in their behavior at home.”


“My son is well into his third year at the dojo and the value of the lessons he has learned about hard work, perseverance, and respect for others is immeasurable. (He is also having a lot of fun!) Our family’s experience has been fantastic.”


“Excellent, family-operated and very professional. I would recommend to anyone for the strength of the curriculum and instructor quality.”


“Tokyo Joes Salisbury is a special place, filled with an energy that draws you in and makes you long for it when you are not there. My family is lucky to have it in our lives. Thanks for being there for us!”