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Shaolin Kempo

The original “mixed martial art”, Shaolin Kempo has its roots in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.  However, through generations this highly-adaptable discipline has absorbed some of the best elements of other East Asian fighting styles, creating a method of self defense that is both unique and versatile.

Shaolin Kempo students master the many ways their bodies can block and strike, and how to use “locks” — or manipulation of joints — to subdue an attacker.  Beginning at the intermediate level, when students have a good grasp of the basics and have exhibited sufficient control, they learn “takedowns’, various ways to use leverage and their attacker’s own energy to put their opponents on the ground.  These are the building blocks to rapid-fire techniques that students learn to use in a wide array of self-defense situations.

Our students also achieve Black Belt excellence through the practice of traditional “forms” — a type of moving meditation in which the practitioner fights several attackers.  These help students sharpen their focus, timing, power and speed to a razor-sharp edge.

Our youngest Kempo students are three years old.  Our oldest are septuagenarians.  Our various  programs are tailored to achieve maximum benefits for all age groups.