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(Ages 3 and 4)
At this super-formative stage of development, our kempo program is geared towards developing focus and sharpening motor skills. Through “disguised repetition”, our young students master basic techniques, and are introduced to fun sequences of moves.  The result is heightened coordination, longer attention spans and better self-control. Students are also engaged in conversations about the core values of martial arts, including manners, focus and self-discipline.


(Ages 5 and 6)
Students at this age, in addition to improving coordination and balance through basic skills, are introduced to slightly more complex self-defense techniques.  This helps improve the student’s ability to learn sequences.  A key component of this program is reinforcement of mental focus and awareness, respect for one’s self and others, and fostering self-esteem.   For our students at this age who exhibit  great self-discipline and an eagerness to learn, Advanced  Dragon classes keep them challenged through lessons in more advanced martial arts techniques.