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“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; 
true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
―Ernest Hemingway

Plenty of things to feel great about this past several days.  Family Day at Maudslay State Park was a blast–with not even a couple bursts of rain dampening spirits at the Outdoor Dojo.  Shodan Joe Repczynski’s glorious Crane Bed, was there, as was our incredible Demo Team, which capped off a very busy (and hot) week with some of their best performances yet.  Thanks to everyone involved.

But for me, one of the real high points was a text I got later Saturday from Sensei Ricky Comeau of 5 Dragons Martial Arts, a Salisbury dojo also at Maudslay that day.  He had some really wonderful things to say about our young students who he encountered, and who stopped by the 5 Dragons booth to watch their own (very impressive) students warming up and working out.  Our students, Sensei Ricky observed, were “humble, polite and confident.”  These, to me, are some of the highest compliments our young warriors can ever receive.

Generally when I meet a person who is boastful or boorish, I shrug it off and just do my best to avoid them.  When that person is a martial artist, though (and there are plenty of trash-talking, strutting fighters out there), it really bothers me.   Just like a missionary or member of the clergy represents their faith, we as martial artists represent our Art.   We can either educate people as to all the wonderful ways that our training builds stronger individuals and stronger communities, or we can turn people off and shut their minds to it.  That’s why it’s always such a pleasure to run into fellow martial artists like Rick Comeau and his students, and to hear that our students are representing.

You could say I’m extremely proud of their humility.

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